Logbook – day 30 by ELODIE

Today we are starting the month of February (yallah!!) almost a month at sea and still the same enthusiasm to row…they have never been so close to 4000 km ...
The weather is calm, the wind is blowing at only 5 knots, but we are still moving forward, maybe it’s not a bad thing to regain our strength, we are not safe from having big conditions again.
At night, it is more pleasant to watch, the noise of the wind leaves us finally quiet, so it is easier for us to hold a conversation with the oarswoman, their relay passing thus more quickly and our 3 hours of watches being less stressing, without speaking about the transfers which pass without any swirls or almost what happiness!
This afternoon, there was a hairdressing session on board, it’s a theme cruise… the days follow each other and the feminine preoccupations of beauty are sometimes in the heart of the conversations that allows to take advantage of the calm time that the weather grants us.
Today, we were able to swim in the ocean (always with the basic rules which are imposed the oarswoman being the guarantor of our safety and two ropes dragging behind the boat to never move away from this one), that refreshed us well, some small striped fishes follow us and we could observe them with the mask but most of the time we don’t meet much marine fauna. We cross more Chinese fishing boats since 2 to 3 days. We even recognized this morning some fishermen who were looking at us with binoculars too…
Finally, on today’s menu, we had lentils and sausages for lunch and we will try tuna cakes tonight. Surprise!!!!
An investigation is also opened since this morning ….Who finished the piece of pizza promised to Marie after her relay yesterday? The mystery remains only the culprit knows! We are considering a clue game to solve this disturbing case…
This is how we try to minimize the lack we feel away from our families by always keeping a good mood on board which is essential to everyone.
But of course there is this visceral lack of evening cuddle to my pepettes but the last days of open whattapps to enjoy a little more communication with the Earth has allowed us to refuel and leave more serene to a new month that leads us slowly but surely to our final destination! As Margot says, only 52 more sleeps... Courage to all, the reunion will be, I have no doubt, unforgettable as all this adventure that we share with so many people on land.
Thank you for all your messages of support and to those who follow us from near or far on the networks we think of you and we give you an appointment tomorrow for new anecdotes (the “d” is not a typo …) aboard Noumène!
Elodie Pichot – Crew member and sports physiotherapist / osteopath

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