The second expedition was incredible and we realized the great team that we are between waterwomans and the crew !

All the environment in the boat was great and all the people wanted to help everyone in every moment. All the time we had a motivacional words to keep us going in our adventure.

Not all of it was fantastic, the Mediterranean ocean surprised us. All the time the forecast changed in a few minutes and it was hard for us to control each situation. Most of the afternoons the wind started to grow up and that meant that the night would be more stressed and complicated. 

For me the worst part was the night but not for paddling in the dark. You were awake in the middle of the night when you were in your bed and your body was tired from paddling during some days and nights and you had to go to the water again with low energy and dark.

The best part was to enjoy every day in the boat with the team in the middle of the ocean and just paddling and sharing good vibes with our team. Looking at the amazing sunrise and sunsets that I will never forget. 

 I have in my mind some funny moments like the day that Manue was a salamandra hehehe. 

Other special moments like the song that all of us sang together and it was so special for our project. 

After the second expedition we have to fix some little details to be ready for the big big adventure. But I know that we have the most important thing… THE TEAM! 

Crédit photo : Jérémie Gabrien

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