Drawing oarswoman

What is the prone paddle board?

Appeared in the 1920s-1930s and used by beach attendants to rescue a bather in difficulty. It is a
which consists of using a specially designed board to row and move around using the arms, in a flat or kneeling position.

It should not be confused with
stand up paddle
which is practiced standing with a paddle.

This crossing has never been attempted on a paddle board

The global and unprecedented challenge

Expedition Cap Optimist is a crossing in continuous relay on a paddle board, on a distant and hostile playground, accompanied by an assistance sailboat.

A journey of about 8000 km between Peru and Moorea during the winter of 2023 in order to take advantage of the tail winds – three quarter tail. The temperature of the water is rather high compared to the first two crossings, so it is necessary to integrate protection to avoid dehydration, sunstroke and especially chronic skin disease, dryness…

The route will have to integrate the consequences of the EL NIÑO phenomenon!!!
The rowers will have to integrate in their mental preparations the underwater fauna in this area. The rowing relays will be set up according to these parameters knowing that the nights will be long and difficult for their organisms.
Indeed, the rowers will not have a reference point, which causes seasickness.

Our local actions


♥ Implementation of the educational program of theassociation “Un défi dans mon école” in elementary school in Peru in order to carry out health sport education actions.

♥ Partnership with Franco Pé high school: select classes with sick and disabled children and conduct an action around theinclusion.

♥ Meeting and sharing between waterwomen and children undergoing cancer treatment, hospitalized at theINEN – Peru Cancer Treatment Center where the waterwomen will offer a gift to the children.

♥ Meeting and sharing with the children of theassociation ALTO PERU, which helps the underprivileged children of the neighborhood, thanks to sports (surfing session, discovery of the neighborhood and sharing on theimportance of sport to live better, take care of oneself and believe in one’s dreams).


♥ Implementation of the “a challenge in my school” educational program in Polynesian schools.

♥ Creation of twinning between schools in metropolitan France, Polynesia and Peru.

♥ Setting up a support of 6 Polynesian Super Optimist, each one sponsored by a waterwoman in order to accompany her towards the realization of a sports challenge that would take place at the same time as the arrival in Moorea.

♥ Exchange with the Cancer Institute in French Polynesia (ICPF) to build concrete actions around sport, health and cancer.

♥ Working with the Amazon Pacifics association so that women in remission from breast cancer, followed by this association, take on the challenge of coming to row, swim, share with our waterwomen at the finish.

♥ Visit and exchange with hospitalized children at Papeete Hospital + endowment of a Super Optimist pack + meeting between health professionals and waterwomen.

map of the cape optimist challenge

At the beginning

For the departure of the expedition, boats with sick children will accompany the waterwomen on the first minutes of the departure from the beach of Lima. The children of the ALTO PERU association will row alongside the waterwomen on the first meters, alongside other associations and floating boats in order to organize a moving and festive departure.

On arrival

At the arrival on the beach of Temae, our waterwomen and the crew will be accompanied by various boats (Va’a, pirogue, stand-up paddle, paddle board, surf, small boats, …) allowing sick children, women in remission of cancer and more globally all lovers of challenges, the ocean, to share this unique moment.

Two test crossings will be made between 2021 and 2023

October 2021

Crossing Bordeaux-Biarritz : 120 Km

Campervan stop at schools along the route with a stop at the Bayonne hospital, at the children’s oncology department

Lake Cazaux, Lake Mimizan, 2 trips to the sea, Lake Leon, Lake Hossegor, Capbreton by the ocean to Bayonne

JUNE 2022

Crossing from Monaco to Athens: 1800 km

Departure June 5, 2022 at 2:00 pm from the Yacht Club of Monaco

(material, technical, security tests…) with an arrival around June 18/19, 2022.

Solidarity expedition to support the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and the HELPIDA association.