Logbook – day 31 by MARGOT

For the last two days, the wind and the swell are no longer with us. We had to start the engines to move forward.
This will allow our shoulders and back to rest a little.
The good weather also allows the whole team to tidy up, clean up and repair some things.
Since our departure, we had an accumulation of life under the hulls of the boat (mussels, seaweed, crabs…). Indeed, we have been advised to remove them to avoid attracting small fishes which themselves attract the biggest ones… So at work, everyone gets involved!
On the other hand, the sun is always present. Nearly 30 degrees, a water at 26 degrees, we will not complain! Manue did an experiment: create ice cream. It was really good!
The good atmosphere always reigns on Noumène. The crew takes care of us. The 4000 kilometers are soon here, we must not let go. Even if the wind conditions are less favorable for sailing. As you can see, nothing can be predicted at sea, the conditions are so random.
The road is still long.
Super Optimists and Optimists are in our thoughts. Thank you to the schools for your messages of support, thank you to all the people who write to us.
See you soon,
Margot – Waterwoman

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