THE sporting challenge as a pretext, solution, objective and life line

In 2014, Stéphanie Geyer Barneix and Alexandra Amand Le Mouël, on location in Chile (in preparation for the CAP HORN sports expedition), talk about adventures, safety, organization, but also about sport as a weapon ,
or even
as a tool

Each of them had different life stories . Despite these differences, one similarity quickly made sense between them: sport was ofprimary importance from a very young age.

They speak of real

schools of life

! In the

aquatic pools
for Stéphanie, on the ice for Alexandra.

So of course, common values of perseverance, of abnegation, of courage, of mutual aid, of benevolence day and very quickly, they find themselves on the ” Pork magic of the sport.

And with the energy that is so characteristic of them, they go even further on the vital importance of setting goals when practicing a sport.

But finally, why? Why did Stephanie embark in 2009 on the crossing of the
Atlantic Ocean
Why does she want to
to challenge Cape Horn again in 2015
Simply to prove to herself that we are to show that nothing is impossible, to inspire, to transmit…and give others the desire to take up his challenge.

This is when the association HOPE TEAM EAST was born. An association with an original name, creation born during a train trip of our duo of shock. Like them, they laugh at this creation without suspecting the impact that this name will have a few years later … so obvious is the meaning given.

In 2014, the societal issues related to “ sport santé” were born. It is noted that thehe practice of a physical activity remains marginal in the care pathways. The female duo is convinced of the power of sport, but especially of the challenge of sport.

They wish to sublimate the practice of adapted physical activity by combining it with mental preparation and the preparation of a sporting objective for each member of the association. Ambitious but so powerful !

Because having a goal in mind, having the desire to surpass oneself is a fabulous way to get your foot in the door. Stéphanie and Alexandra understand the power of this notion of sporting challenge and wish to build their support programs around this objective! C
t is this
is an idea that is likely to change the daily lives of many people.
Optimist and Super Optimist.

Having a goal in mind, thinking about your challenge, allows you todisconnect from your treatment schedule, to escape, to dream, and above all to regain confidence in yourself, in your body, in your head. Being able to tell yourself that “anything is possible!”

Jeff’s testimony, an Optimist: ” When you’ve been through major health problems, you face multiple challenges to rebuild yourself little by little. But the HTE challenge has a “flavor It is a long term goal, ambitious and accompanied step by step by a personal coach who guides and supports us, proposes a work program, evaluates the progress…

It is a real added value, beyond the human links that are created, with the coach, but more widely with all the “optimists” that we meet in the collective activity sessions and with whom a real solidarity is created. So thank you very much 🙏 For this association and all those who are involved on a daily basis.”

Because yes, the sporting challenge is good, but to prepare correctly is even better and above all it keeps you busy! So, the support we offer is a holistic approach based on physical activity, mental preparation, nutrition and well-being. The Optimist is then propelled like a high level sportsman!

Testimony of Jean, optimist mental trainer: “If the The purpose of the association was only to make practice a physical activity it would be a sports association as there are many of them. Its specificity, its raison d’être and its plus is the realization of a sporting challenge which goes beyond the simple practice. It allows the persons concerned to go beyond the simple practice by adding a dimension of research, surpassing and using their physical and mental capacities in order to achieve a performance that they did not even imagine and never thought they would do before enrolling in Hope Team EAst.”

For 6 years now, the HOPE TEAM EAST association has accompanied about 200 adult sports challenges, launched the accompaniment ofchildren and teenagers undergoing cancer treatment and plans an ambitious development plan until 2028!

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