Logbook – day 28 by ELOHIM

The long road

If you have to look straight ahead towards the sun to move forward, you also have to look at the present moment that is passing under the board.

Know how to take advantage of it so that 3 months becomes 2, 1 or even a moment. Learn to apprehend this time that passes and stagnates. This paradox that only seafarers really know. Because yes, now we can say it, these coastal rowers and crew members are now part of the closed (open?) circle of seafarers. You will no longer be able to address them as novice sailors in longships (paradox again). Attention friends and relatives, your daughters, wives and companions will not return to you as they left. But with a little something extra in the look. Something deep, something blue. Out of time. A little extra soul and waves.

They share this overflow today with Karine who will remain a star of hope and a guide for them.

In their lives as in the Pacific expedition.

But also with the optimists to continue to bring this hope and this dream in the heart of the difficulties of life.

Your emotions are ours and transport us…

Elohim – Captain of Noumen

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