Logbook – day 17 by MARGOT

Hello to all,

I hope you are well. The days have been following each other for 2 weeks. The waves and the wind don’t let us rest and even… intensify. The fatigue is present, the bodies speak. During the day, we have a steady rowing rhythm to get the little runs that help us move forward.

At night, the watchword is concentration. The relays are technical. The side waves throw us off. So we have to make the effort to keep coming close to the boat for our safety. The air and water temperatures have cooled down considerably. The grains are even part of the party: return of long and warm suits, cotton hat on the head and gloves.

You will have understood it well, the sea of oil is far behind us. We crossed the road of mammals, quite big, with grey/black dorsal fins, but not very curious. We continue to advance, and we have just passed the 2000 kilometer mark. We are very happy with our progress, but we remain focused on the next 6,000. We are now heading for the 3000 mark, which is our goal. Reading you every day, encourages and motivates us, so thank you.

Today is a special day, even in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I want to wish a happy birthday to my brother Hugo, who is 23 years old.

Thank you for your support! See you soon,

Margot – Waterwoman

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