Logbook – day 14 by LUCE

From the ambient grey at the awakening of the front point, the one that darkens terribly the ocean, to the sublime palettes of gradations at the end of our days, as Elohim says so well, it zinzoline…. The sky is wonderful, yes and to see the girls advance in this immensity more and more formed makes really dream! Our hours of surveillance are going by at full speed. They are only pleasure.

This week we have, for the second time, changed between the crew of the watch and thus, turn in the kitchen too. Enjoying, these last days, the most beautiful lights, when the sun is dark or over the horizon is a real enchantment! This constant emptiness fills so wonderfully

The rowers also like it when the day appears. It lifts the anxieties of the night, their seasickness still for some fault these dark nights of not seeing the horizon and for others their strong emotions …. Relieved sometimes also by the beautiful stories told from the bridge. Thank you for the precious help of the fine psychologist on board, this, he knows it is not my strong point…

Cloudy and choppy, the night requires more effort and concentration, especially for the relays in this rough sea. At their exit, fortunately, a male force every hour grabs them. Last night, Tim and Itzi dived to get the paddle away from them. A bird on the deck then landed, all needed to warm up well…

The days are more smiling, a carapace, furtively surfaces and the flying fishes sometimes touch the rower of the moment… which always makes Stéphanie laugh and much less Itzi. Three whales in the distance avoid us and move away. Gannets swirl back and forth, clouds take on human forms and as Tim tells us, these soaring seabirds, according to an old saying, are absent fishermen. Those, who will never come back… One joins together with the vague glance of Marie and with Margot which follows, one imagines sirens…

The night becomes sometimes magical, paddle and boat light up when Tim and Elohim have fun to create even more special effects… magical! Again said Marie surprised by the window. Just for a picture! Overboard, they threw a piece over his cabin, giving the impression of coming to life underwater. Like a liquid veil illuminated by the night, the boat’s wake was also very beautiful.

Thus sails Noumène and its so beautiful mermaids, for those who passed and for those who reach out to us at the arrival… yes, we all have an ocean to cross!

Until then, there will be other rotations which I hope will allow us to take the best care of this beautiful expedition and to share our emotions here.

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