• Can you introduce yourself (career, functions, missions within Avène)?

I am Morgan GUERITAULT, Marketing & Communication Director for the brand Eau Thermale Avene France. I joined the Pierre Fabre Group in February 2008 for an internship, I never left and I had the chance to do several missions in the different brands of the Group: medicines, Klorane, Ducray, A-Derma, it is finally at Avène that I settled in August 2011.

  • How did you hear about the expedition?

The brand Avène is partner since several years of the association of the Lifeguards of Landes. A partnership set up by Stephanie who I was fortunate enough to meet in 2019 after taking the position of Marketing Director.

In 2020, the health crisis hits the world without any impact on our relationships, Stephanie tells me about the association HOPE TEAM EAST and the crazy challenge she wants to take to bring it to the attention of more people.

  • Why did you support the Cap Optimist expedition?

The Cap Optimist expedition is the perfect link between the two strong commitments of the Avene brand: oncology and sport as well as its values.

  • How do you support the expedition?

First of all, we provide financial support to the expedition. In addition, we will provide all the necessary products so that our Waterwomen can take care of their skin which may be subjected to a lot of stress.

  • Why do you think shipping is a good way to communicate internally?

I’m going to paraphrase the girls and say that “we all have an ocean to cross”…

  • In one word, describe the shipment / Qualify the shipment.

  • A DEFI to inspire others

  • A word of support to the rowers.

    When those moments of doubt, loneliness and fatigue arrive, think of the source of motivation that you are and will be…

Photo credit: Riblanc / Jeremiegabrien

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