A few weeks before the departure, our waterwomen and the whole Cap Optimist team gathered the partners of the expedition!

For more than two years, the association has been working tirelessly to try to raise funds to finance the 8000 km crossing.

Immerse yourself in the preparations: objective achieved thanks to the workshops:

3 thematic workshops were orchestrated by our waterwomen and Walter Geyer, one of our mental trainers. The themes chosen were:

– anticipation of risks, the mind – unsuspected resources

– the individual at the service of the collective.

Strong themes of sport, of the CAP OPTIMIST expedition and very easily transposable in the business world.

Meeting between all partners:

A large number of partners came to participate in this meeting and exchange. The opportunity to thank them, to honor them. We wanted this evening to be their evening because without them, we would not be able to attempt to achieve this unprecedented global feat.

A top-notch cocktail party with local products:

A big thank you to our partners and suppliers who allowed us to make our guests taste local products.

Several gustatory workshops are offered:

  • Champagne from the Chai d’Hossegor store
  • Woll beer
  • Oysters from Vergez
  • Bread from the Pâtisserie du Golf
  • Cheese from Chez Baptiste
  • Delpeyrat foie gras and dried duck breast
  • Chicken from Fermiers Sud Ouest
  • Ham cut by Ibérico
  • Soft, nuts and dried fruits, and red wine by Leclerc Tyrosse
  • Madeleines from Cazelle
  • Pastis from Mitchut

A convivial evening, rich in encounters, exchanges and emotions with nearly 90 people! What gives even more motivation to our waterwomen a few days before the departure for Peru

Thank you all for your support!

Photo credits: Remi Blanc / Riblanc

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