Margot has engaged in a difficult exercise. That of expressing himself in front of the camera and answering the most intimate questions of Stéphanie Barneix.

“That’s it, my video is online!

This is not an easy exercise. Even though Stephanie knew some things about my life, being able to confide in me did me a lot of good. To put words on situations, to tell how I was able to live things, and the things that I was able to digest or not.

I think it was important for our journey to reveal some things about our lives. To get to know each other better because we are all going to be together on a boat for 90 days.

In the end, most of the people around me knew about my life path, but this video will perhaps allow someone who is going through a hard time, to get up and believe in himself and to go through with things.

This is clearly the message we want to convey through this beautiful project ✨

Again, thank you all for your unfailing support 🫶🏽 “



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